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The FiOS Chronicles

Shelly PalmerI have waited about 18 months for FiOS to finish wiring my apartment building in midtown Manhattan.  It was worth it.  After a short, truly painless, 7-hour conversion, I can say goodbye Time Warner Cable, so long old-fashioned Verizon landlines, adiós cable modem, hasta la vista backup DSL modem – hello 150 Mbps down, 62 Mbps up – awesome!

I have heard all kinds of horror stories about Verizon FiOS installations – it was not my experience.  I was given a window when the installers would show up.  They showed up inside the window.  They knew exactly what they were doing and what needed to be done.  They were extremely respectful of my existing systems and worked as quickly as practical.  In the end, they just killed the Time Warner Cable and old Verizon infrastructure and replaced it with new, extraordinary FiOS infrastructure ... [read more]

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