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FBI Steps Up ‘Internet Doomsday’ Awareness Malware Campaign


PC users infected with a strain of malware called DNS Changer will face their own personal Internet doomsday in July unless they disinfect their computers, the FBI warns ... [read more]

Google Drive: It’s slick, integrated…and not exactly free


Google has opened Google Drive, a service to store files online and share them among various computing devices that turns out to be a lot more important than you might think ... [read more]

Kaspersky: Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security


This is bound to cause a stir. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the influential Kaspersky security firm made a comment that will rile some ... [read more]

Contradicting Earlier Reports, Flashback Malware Infections Still High


Symantec reported this past Wednesday that the number of total Flashback infections was down to approximately 140,000 from around half a million ... [read more]

Shelly's Corner

 Google Drive: Business with a Single Point of Failure

You could think of Google Drive as Google’s answer to Dropbox or Microsoft’s SkyDrive or any one of a dozen cloud storage systems, but it’s not. ... [read more]

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