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Pinterest Updates Terms Of Service As It Preps An API And Private Pinboards


Pinterest is growing up fast: just last week the image-based social network rolled out redesigned profile pages, and now ... [read more]

In 2012 Users Will Stream Content More Than Watch DVDs


According to a new report from IHS Screen Digest, the number of films bought or rented online this year will grow by 135 percent ... [read more]

Senators ask feds to probe Facebook log-in requests

Facebook Like

U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Charles Schumer called on two federal agencies to investigate what they call a “new disturbing trend” ... [read more]

Amid Privacy Concerns, Apple Has Started Rejecting Apps That Access UDIDs

App Store

Amid extra scrutiny from Congress around privacy issues, Apple this week has started rejecting apps that access UDIDs ... [read more]

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iPad Trade-ins: A Closer Look

Apple’s one-year iPad product cycle has many existing iPad owners pining for the newest version. Instead of letting your first or second generation iPad become a very beautiful, very expensive paperweight, many companies are offering gift cards and even cash for trade-ins... [read more]

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David Houle

The Easiest Way to Understand Health Care Reform
by David Houle

In my last column I wrote the New Health Age, the new age of health care and medicine that we have entered.  The coming changes in the health care landscape the United States and the incredible medical miracles rapidly coming will define this new age.

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