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  December 6, 2013 - Today's most interesting technology, media and entertainment stories:

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Over 2 Million Passwords for Major Social Sites Have Been Stolen

Hackers have stolen usernames and passwords for nearly two million accounts at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and others, according to a report released this week. The massive data breach was a result of keylogging software maliciously installed on an untold number of computers around the world, researchers at cybersecurity ... [Read More]

President Obama

President Obama Can’t Have an iPhone for ‘Security Reasons’

The troubled mobile phone maker BlackBerry still has at least one very loyal customer: U.S. President Barack Obama. At a meeting with youth on Wednesday to promote his landmark healthcare law, Obama said he is not allowed to have Apple’s smart phone, the iPhone, for “security reasons,” though he still uses Apple’s tablet ... [Read More]


Report: Spotify is Planning Ad-Supported Mobile Streaming

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, is set to announce a new feature that will allow users to pick specific tracks and listen to them on mobile devices for free. That's according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to speak about the feature. It will be announced at an event in New York on Wednesday ... [Read More]

The Winston Show

ToyTalk’s ‘The Winston Show’ Adds Brand New Sketch, ‘In the Movies’

ToyTalk on Thursday unveiled “In the Movies,” a new sketch for its flagship iPad program, “The Winston Show.” The newest addition features two brand new shorts: “Winston Sly, Private Eye” and “Squabble Amongst the Stars.” “In the Movies” adds to ToyTalk’s conversation-driven entertainment for families. The two new shorts use ... [Read More]

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Hisense 110" Ultra HD TV

Ultra HD at International CES 2014

Massive Ultra HD TV (or 4K) sets were the new new thing at the last International CES, and we will see incredible advances in the technology at the upcoming show. 4K picture quality is amazing, the color space is magnificent and, to be as non-technical as I can be – the moment you see a 4K video displayed on a 4K screen that’s as wide as an NBA player is tall, you will want one! [Read More]

Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #48 – Ben Rhau of and Kate Donahue of

This podcast features a second-helping of guests; Shelly Palmer chatted with Ben Rhau, who oversees editorial content for, and Kate Donahue, who runs and contributed to the latest summer guide in Foodie’s app. What makes Foodie’s “Foodie Recipes” app unique and stand out in today’s digitally-driven culture? And, more importantly, when can we eat? Listen Now or Get it on iTunes

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Best Geography Apps

5 Geography Apps to Help Middle and High Schoolers Travel the World
By Stephen Danos

Developing an interest in international affairs starts with knowing the names, capitals and history of foreign nations. These mobile apps allow students to virtually visit areas of the United States and other countries, while teaching important statistics and facts about them. [Read More]

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